The truth about society

In society, we are taught that most things if not all things should have labels or titles. Such as job titles, relationship titles, etc. I’ve had a few realizations about society this year that I would like to share with you. The first thing is that I feel that society has brainwashed us, the people, to push us away from truly being able to enjoy life. Society has created many man-made things that make us believe that we need those things to be happy such as name brands, money, social media, smartphones with little tweaks each year, and many more. Society has also taught us that for everything out there, there’s an underlying reason for why it is what it is. Not only has society taught us this but I believe naturally as humans we also feel this as well and it’s called hope. Having hope gives people a reason to believe which therefore results in reassurance. I think this is why people have brought religion into their lives. My parents weren’t religious before I went to Taiwan but when I went back one summer, they were all of a sudden devout Christians. When I asked my mom why, she said that they needed a hope and reason to believe in me and for why that is, is a story for another time.

Anyways back to what I was saying, I am not religious but before you start calling me an atheist just hear me out. I believe that all religions essentially are the same, just different perspectives about a higher being that may have a path set out for us in this world. I believe that we are actually our own gods haha and before you guys start saying “that’s fucked up” to say that us ordinary people are comparable to higher beings, just hear me out. People always wonder where people come from or where all this mother nature comes from or why certain things happen. But what people don’t realize is how powerful and magical humans are. We literally are able to create other humans and we naturally just grow bigger. We may know what aids in the process like what foods to eat or what immunizations we need to stay alive or anything else but in the end we all do naturally grow. Whether it be physical or emotional it kind of just happens. Also, when people pray, to me, it seems as if they are just talking to themselves and then with this hope that someone is listening, it’s kind of like a form of self motivation. The reason why certain things may happen the way you plan it, could be that each thing/action/person already had a set plan and it/they were just following it and sometimes things/events/people’s plans just collide, kind of like a coincidence. But because that event occurred according to your plan , it strengthens your reason to believe in fate. Another reason why I believe that we are our own gods is because we are all born with the ability to have our own ideas. A brain alone or a heart or bones when taken out separately don’t create ideas or the soul. Or maybe the brain does, I just don’t have enough medical knowledge to understand it. The soul is sort of like an unexplainable being in each and everyone of us. That’s why I believe that all people are created equal. It is society that brainwashes us to believe that it is not this way. You were unable to pick where you were born, how you looked before you came into this world or how much intelligence you had yet these are all reasons why you are compared in society today. The reason why I believe that many people agree that there are more important things than money in this world is because money is just paper with no value until you bring it out into the world. Money as an object holds no standard value not like the type of value a friendship or family holds. I also believe that the justice system is flawed because all the laws were made by men or women with opinions about what’s right and wrong. The fact that people with certain job titles like judges or the jury or lawyers or anyone with power, can determine someone else’s life is just wild. But that is something I know nothing of so I’ll just leave it at that. Our society is based around opinions and I think it’s somewhat falling apart due to the fact. Like a great friend of mine once told me, “Wake up, don’t be a slave”.


Satisfaction Concept

I’ve come to realize that there are only two major types of people in this world. That is why we always have two options for almost everything. For example, half empty or half full, yes or no, agree or disagree, and so on. I’m not saying there are only two types but 2 core types. Also, with this realization, I have also come across what I believe is the meaning/purpose of life. The meaning/purpose is to reach a goal of fulfilling/achieving satisfaction. Everyone’s definition of satisfaction may be different but essentially its the same goal.


way #1 of thinking ⊥ way #2 of thinking

So these two core types are called way #1 and way #2 of thinking. There can’t be a clear label because that all depends on your opinion or situation. But anyways, both these ways of thinking lead to the goal of satisfaction and from these two cores, each core way of thinking has an infinite amount of branches which are the variations of each way of thinking.

way #1


way #2


So those arrows are supposed to represent the branches that come from each core way of thinking. I just wasn’t about to draw an infinite number of arrows but I hope you get my point. So these branches are people with different types of hobbies, jobs, interests, favorite foods, etc but yet they can still connect. I believe that it’s all because inside their minds all revolve around the same way of thinking or have a similar outlook on life.

This is also why I believe humans were made to be in pairs naturally and it doesn’t matter if its male and female or female and female or male or male, a pair is a pair. I believe that we naturally have the need to know or feel that we are doing the right thing and what better way is there than the feeling of being able to relate and connect with someone? People say opposites attract but something about the opposites isn’t so opposite at all and I believe it stems from having the same core way of thinking about life. The reason why not everyone in this world is compatible with one another once you take away the things on the outside like physical things, all comes down to the core way of thinking/core outlook on life. Hence, there being two main core styles. You might be able to understand the other core way of thinking but not be able to agree with it 100 percent in the end because it doesn’t lead to your satisfaction. In society, we are taught that most things if not all, should have labels but I believe that these two core styles of thinking are unable to be labeled. Depending on the topic or situation, the labels of these ways of thinking can change.

Note: This is just what I have come up with based on experiences but I am open to other ideas.


The First Story

Depression. When you see or hear this word, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Being sad and crying your eyes out? Or is it being heartbroken and not knowing how to keep your emotions bottled within? Depression for me is more than being sad as a feeling, it has become a part of me. I have been battling with depression since my middle school years. It was tough to understand as why I was depressed. Many can always say “hey cheer up!” or “Don’t worry! Why waste your time being sad when you can be happy?” All these words are easy to say but difficult to accomplish. I have this problem with constantly holding on to the past. I can get over it but never forget it. I also think a lot. Before I sleep, it usually takes me about two hours to finally be able to stop thinking and knock out from being so tired of thinking. I don’t really understand why I think this way or why even though some days can be completely fine but once I am doing nothing, I just start to become sad. On the outside, like at school, I am always trying to make others laugh or be an all around easy going guy and then I expect others to be like that towards me but it never happens. At the end of the day, I’m always forgotten or left behind. I think my depression comes from my constant bad luck.

This is my first story I will share with you.

It must’ve started from the time in middle school when I had just come back from the Bahamas. I will never forget that day. It was the first time I had ever been on a cruise and to the bahamas for a week?! How awesome is that?! It was the summer going into the 8th grade and I remember how happy I was going back home because I had just gotten my first cell phone. It was a Sony Ericsson, one of those cool walkman ones back in the day. But… Once I got home and back to my was like a tornado had gone through it. The weird thing was that only my room was like this. My parents’ room was completely fine and the living room was untouched. I was confused because I know I am a messy guy when it comes to my room but I know that it was very well organized before I had gone on my trip. I then started looking for my red envelopes (Taiwanese ones from chinese new year) that I had saved since elementary school. I looked for my piggy bank. I looked for that Sony Ericsson box that i had yet to open. Everything was gone. My heart dropped. I looked at my window and the screen was slashed open and that’s when I really knew that I had been robbed. My parents still had all their credit cards even my brother who shared a room with me even had all his money. But why me? and who could’ve done it? 5 minutes later the doorbell rang. I ran to the door hoping for something and it was my neighbor. He asked if we were missing anything and I said yes I’m missing all my money and my phone. He said that while we were away, he was having a cigarette outside when he noticed two kids walking into my backyard. Actually, he didn’t know we were away so he thought, they were my friends coming over. But then he noticed that they were wearing gloves. Gloves during the summer and during broad daylight…couldn’t have been more suspicious. By the time, he put the pieces together and chased after them, they had gotten away but dropped some coins on the way out. I was speechless. It was like straight out of a movie like it was planned for a long time. My neighbor continued to describe what these two looked like and as he described them, the same two people walked past the front of my house. That’s when he said “that’s them!” We then called the police and filed a police report and I thought they would be caught immediately but the police never got back to us. They said they had lack of evidence and that the money that was robbed was probably already gone by now. But this wasn’t the most devastating news I had heard. The most devastating part of this whole story is that, those two kids were my best friends since the 3rd grade. We were pretty much brothers. We did everything together as kids, never went anywhere without each other. After this kind of trust has been broken, especially at such a young age with such a strong impact on my life, it has been almost impossible for me to have any best friends since that day. It has been almost 10 years since this event happened and I remember like it was a few hours ago. Trust, what is it to you?Image


Where do I start?

I figured id start a blog and fill it with my thoughts and dreams. I tend to think a lot about everything and anything and sometimes have these crazy ideas but no where to jot them down. So I guess..why not here? Whenever I look at a blog and I read whats posted I always want to know about who wrote it. So I’m gonna say a little about myself for future reference. I was born and raised in New York and now I am currently living in Taiwan. In my life, I’ve had many strange yet interesting experiences which have led me to who and where I am today.